Student and Caregiver Handbook (Download)


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Student and Caregiver Handbook: Cultivate strong relationships with your students and their caregivers by promoting effective communication and establishing shared expectations. This handbook offers a comprehensive overview of studio policies, values, and expectations for both students and their caregivers. From the first class of the season to the year-end recital, every policy has been thoughtfully presented, allowing you to easily customize them to meet your specific needs. Seize this opportunity to provide clear guidance and communication regarding your expectations for all dancers and their caregivers. COMPLETE DESCRIPTION BELOW


Student and Caregiver Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide to School Policies

23 Pages: Customizable Microsoft Word Document Format

This downloadable, comprehensive guide is designed to provide your clientele with a wealth of information about your school’s policies and procedures. Whether they’re new to dance or seasoned students, this handbook will serve as their go-to resource for understanding everything they need to know about your school’s policies, procedures, and philosophies on dance education.

Inside this valuable handbook, you will find ready-to-use wording that enlightens caregivers about the dos and don’ts of your school, while also incorporating positive language to emphasize the benefits of dance education. Answering the questions, they all ask before they even contact you, this handbook offers valuable insights that ensure clear communication and a seamless experience.

Written by Rhee Gold, this handbook goes beyond policy explanations to provide an educational resource that deepens students and caregivers’ understanding of the dance education experience. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and stress as you equip your clientele with a thorough guide that covers every aspect of participation.

What’s inside?

This comprehensive 23-page document provides a wealth of information and covers a wide range of policies. A sampling of the policies, procedures, and guidelines covered:

  • This is Us: Our Philosophy for Dance Education
  • Communication/Contact Information
  • Key Event and Closure Dates
  • Message to Caregivers: We’re in This Together
  • Message for Caregivers of Early-Childhood and Preschool Students
  • Understanding Class Placement
  • Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Policy
  • Financial Commitments and Payment Methods
  • Continuation of Classes During Emergency Shutdown
  • Recital, Ticket, Costume Information and Policies
  • Social Media Policy Regarding the Studio
  • Includes a Student and Caregiver Acknowledgement Form
  • And Much More!

SAVE $47. with the Handbook Combo Pack!

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