Intensive Dancer Handbook (Download)


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Intensive Dance Handbook: This document is specifically designed to effectively communicate your competitive philosophies and policies to intensive dancers and their caregivers. By clearly articulating your expectations, outlining dancer and caregiver responsibilities, and emphasizing commitments, this handbook ensures that there are no misunderstandings and serves as a valuable reference guide throughout the season. Its comprehensive content guarantees that you maintain a professional approach to running a successful intensive dance program. COMPLETE DESCRIPTION BELOW


Intensive Dancer Handbook: Your Comprehensive Guide for Competitive Dancers and Their Caregivers

24 Pages: Customizable Microsoft Word Document format

Inside this valuable handbook, discover a wealth of information and insightful philosophies written by Rhee Gold. It serves as an educational resource for dancers and caregivers, offering a deeper understanding of the competition and performing experience that extends beyond the pursuit of awards.

Download this comprehensive handbook to create a well-structured and professional impression on your intensive dancers and their caregivers. Say goodbye to misunderstandings and stress as you equip your program with a thorough guide that covers every aspect of participation. It is a one-stop reference guide, providing clear expectations, policies, and procedures that ensure a seamless experience for everyone involved.

Streamline your life as a studio owner with this invaluable resource, ensuring consistency, clarity, and ease in directing your intensive program. Elevate your professionalism and cultivate a nurturing and positive environment with your intensive dancers and their caregivers. Download the Intensive Dancer Handbook today and witness the profound impact it can have on your studio’s intensive program.

What’s inside?

This comprehensive 24-page document provides a wealth of information and covers a wide range of policies. A sampling of the policies, procedures, and guidelines covered:

  1. Intensive Dancer Program Philosophy
  2. A Message for Caregivers: We’re in This Together
  3. A Message for Intensive Dancers
  4. Commitment to Class, Rehearsals, and Choreography Sessions
  5. Respect for Teachers and Choreographers
  6. Financial Commitments
  7. Competition Weekend Planning
  8. Class or Choreography Placement
  9. When is the Right Time for a Solo?
  10. Cash Scholarship Distribution
  11. Community Performances: Giving Back and Spreading Joy
  12. Includes a Dancer and Caregiver Acknowledgement Form
  13. And Much More!

SAVE $47. with the Handbook Combo Pack!

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