Dance Recital Handbook (Download)


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Recital Handbook: Ensure a completely organized and professional experience for dancers and their caregivers by providing comprehensive information about every aspect of the recital. This customized handbook covers your expectations, the responsibilities of dancers and caregivers, costume care, dress rehearsal and performance attendance, dressing rooms, and all other details related to the dance recital. By distributing this handbook at the beginning of the season, you will impress your clientele and create a recital experience that will be cherished for years to come. It’s the perfect tool to facilitate clear communication and ensure a memorable and well-coordinated recital for everyone involved. COMPLETE DESCRIPTION BELOW


Recital Handbook: Your Guide to a Stress-Free, Year-End Performance

20 Pages: Customizable Microsoft Word Document format

Impress your clientele with a professional, organized presentation of need-to-know information. Caregivers eagerly seek every detail about the recital, from expenses and time commitments to costume policies, ticket purchasing, required shoes and accessories, and more. This handbook equips you with the information you need to provide the best performance experience for all involved, ending the season on a high note. With this resource, your confidence will soar, and families will be eager to return in the fall.

Authored by Rhee Gold, the handbook comes in a customizable Microsoft Word Document format. Simply replace names, dates, and other details with your school’s information. Delete sections that don’t apply and expand on existing content to make it uniquely yours. The “ready to go” wording showcases your organizational skills and professionalism, earning the respect of your clientele.

Streamline your life as a studio owner with this invaluable resource, ensuring consistency, clarity, and ease in your day-to-day operations. Elevate your professionalism and foster a nurturing and positive environment for your dedicated team. Download the Faculty and Staff Handbook today and witness its profound impact on your studio’s overall success.

What’s inside?

This comprehensive 20-page document provides a wealth of information and covers a wide range of policies. A sampling of the policies, procedures, and guidelines covered:

  • Why a Dance Recital?
  • Important Recital Dates
  • At Home Practice
  • Costume Fees and Payment Process
  • Costume Sizing Details & Distribution Policies
  • Costume Care Tips
  • The Essential Dress Rehearsal
  • Recital Tickets and Dress Rehearsal Admission Policies
  • Audience Etiquette
  • Recital and Dress Rehearsal Photography and Video Guidelines
  • Volunteer Information
  • Several Sample Forms
  • And Much More!

SAVE $47. with the Handbook Combo Pack!

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